Our Image

We must have a reputable impression with our customers, vendors and employees that created confidence that we are a responsible, professional Company upon which they can rely. It is important that management and each employee works together to ensure that this impression portrays us appropriately and is a valid one. It is up to management to provide the leadership and the support to accomplish this. It is up to the employees to be sure that they are behaving in a manner to support management’s direction. The appropriate image will prove itself in how each of us:

  1. Provide quality products and yield proficient services.
  2. Operate in a safe manner.
  3. Give fair days work for a fair days pay.
  4. Represent ourselves at all times in a way that will bring commendation, not condemnation to the Company.

Our Mission

Our mission is expressed in our commitment to our customers and employees:

  • To respond with devotion, to our customers needs with quality products and services
  • To ensure our employees have the tools and training necessary to produce quality products and good services within a safe environment
  • To create an atmosphere where teamwork is encouraged, creative thinking is admired, and where there is mutual respect for the customers, vendors, and employees.